Our Mission

We will consistently deliver above industry returns for our owners and shareholders through the efforts of exceptional Team Members delivering an extraordinary experience to our Guests.


Our Leadership

At The Lux Collective, we guarantee the proactive involvement of our senior corporate management in the design, development and day-to-day management of all properties.

CEO Paul Jones is fully engaged and committed to build a successful and long-term Owner-Operator relationship. He personally oversees every stage of the development process, maintaining in sharp focus the exclusive nature and performance of each brand and property, while remaining true to Owners’ aspirations.

Assisted by a dedicated Executive Team with extensive experience in international hotel development and management, our personalised approach provides owners with immediate and complete access to all key members – all the way through to the CEO.


Our People

Over the years, we have developed a strong ability to attract and develop a talented and effective team.

With our dedicated Training Academy, we ensure that all our Team Members are kept engaged at all times to consistently deliver on our Brand Promise.

Our portfolio of properties facilitates inter-hotel exposure, providing a significant platform for our People to grow and contribute to the success of every single property.

We foster an engaging and collaborative environment where new and innovative ideas and opportunities can emerge.

In every location where we operate, we play an active role in the local community, enjoying a strong reputation in the area of corporate citizenship.


Our Guiding Principles

Timely, honest, and transparent Owner-Operator communication, mutual respect, and a clear understanding of objectives.

Right from the start, we naturally embrace and align the interests and objectives of our partners as our own, ensuring a strong foundation for success.

We commit ourselves to maximising both Owners’ equity as well as Brand equity.


Sales & Marketing

All of our properties benefit from The Lux Collective worldwide Sales & Marketing expertise, driven by our total commitment to enhancing performance and competitive edge. Our state-of-the-art technology, global distribution and innovative marketing help us maintain a leading edge in each of the destinations where we operate.

Our innovative brand and award-winning communications strategy helps drive repeat business, brand preference and ultimately demand for our products.

Our Sales & Marketing team features both a hands-on central global team and an extensive presence in key feeder markets – this ensures that new demand is generated from the greatest number of sources possible.


Our Sales Offices

Located in 11 different markets, our Regional Sales Offices (RSOs) and General Sales Agents (GSAs) focus on selling multiple brands and hotels to customers worldwide.

Their focus is on maximising business opportunities for corporate, leisure and group business.

They’re responsible for all aspects of account management and business development within their respective markets, on behalf of The Lux Collective portfolio.

RSOs act on behalf of all properties for activities related to business development; this allows each client to have one continuous point of contact when working with The Lux Collective.